Custom Boat Docks for your Waterfront Home in Texas

waterfront home in Texas

Owning a waterfront home in Texas offers the luxury of lake living in the Lone Star State. Anyone who lives here can tell you that life on (or near) the water makes day-to-day living bearable in the Texas heat. Many Texans who live on the water have invested in having boat docks built to enhance their waterfront experience even more.

Elite Custom Boat Docks began serving a wide range of customers in 2009. We are located in Brownwood, Texas, and we serve customers within a 150-mile radius of our base location. When you need a custom boat dock – no matter how big or small, simple or complex – Elite is the team to call upon. We offer great quality, long-lasting products that can be customized to fit any specifications. You can fill out our quote request form and we’ll respond ASAP.

Our personalized care to each customer comes with fair pricing and no hidden costs.

At Elite Custom Boat Docks, we strive to maintain customer satisfaction, and we thoroughly enjoy providing our superb services to new and returning customers. Our mission is to offer clients professionalism at the highest standards as well as exceptional customer service. We are committed to building a relationship with customers by providing clear and honest communication, and by being transparent. Our personalized care to each customer comes with fair pricing and no hidden costs. Our customers know that we only use the highest quality materials for every project, and that our workmanship is unmatched. We also maintain insurance, accreditation, and licensing at all times.

waterfront home in Texas

If you are looking for a fun addition to your boat dock, we offer a number of exciting options. One way to make your docks fun is to add a trampoline or climbing toys. Some customers have opted to add a water slide or a floating water mat. Each of these options can attach directly (and safely) to your boat dock and they can be stored on the boat dock when they are not in use.

The water trampoline provides thrill seekers with the ability to jump, twist, turn, and flip upside down, all while being on the water! In fact, you can jump right off the trampoline into the water for a big splash. This fun filled apparatus can provide hours of fun for the whole family (not to mention a great way to burn calories) while being in the privacy of your own boat dock.

Additionally, we can install an inflatable water slide with handles and footing for safety. The slide can inflate in mere minutes and can be dismantled by quickly deflating it and rolling it up. There is a requirement of a minimum dock height for slides, as well as a minimum depth of water in order to ensure safety. We will assess your boat dock location to ensure that it meets safety requirements before any installation begins.

waterfront home in Texas

A water mat is a great option if you’re looking for ease of use, as you do not have to inflate or deflate the mat. It is very simple to roll out, and can be safely used by kids and adults. Water mats are lightweight and made of foam. Floating water mats have many uses, such as: sunbathing, water yoga, water games, hanging out with friends, and perfecting your cannonball! High quality water mats are made of durable, tear-resistant foam, making them very buoyant and a great investment.

Enhance your waterfront experience with a customized boat dock from Elite Custom Boat Docks!

Whether you’re interested in an extravagant or conservative boat dock – with or without a trampoline, slide, mat, climbing wall, or other extras – we will make it our mission to please you. Our docks are superior to other boat docks on the market, both in terms of function and appearance. Our professional experience and skills make it possible to guarantee that each customer is satisfied with their completed project. We take great pride in our work and our ultimate goal is to provide products and customer service that leave a lasting impression.