Lake Leon Activities for Kids

lake leon activities for kids

“Mom, let’s do something fun today!” Have you ever heard this request from one (or more) of your children? Perhaps you were thinking the same thing. On a scorching summer day in Texas, you’ve got the whole day to kill, and the kids are antsy to get out of the house. If you live in or not far from Eastland County or Abilene, you have the perfect destination for a day trip, and we’ve got some great ideas for Lake Leon activities for kids.

Situated about 70 miles east of Abilene and 10 miles south of Eastland, Leon Lake sits on the Leon River in Eastland County, Texas. It covers about 750 acres, making it a nice size for boating. Unfortunately, there is not a marina nor boat rentals, but there is a bait shop, picnicking sites, and fishing piers. All shore fishing is limited to areas around boat ramps and parks. If you’re looking for a place for the family to stay, there are superb camping and lodging facilities nearby.

Speaking of the family, Lake Leon is a stellar place to bring the kids. Along with a full-service resort, the lake also has a wildlife park and cabins. What child wouldn’t enjoy a wildlife park? Not only is it a great place to entertain them, but they can also be learning at the same time. While you’re there, staying in a cabin proves to be an opportunity for family bonding while being able to spend time outdoors.

Have you been trying to think of a way to teach your children to appreciate nature and its beauty? Grab a fishing pole, a bit of bait, and find Lake Leon! Fishing is one of the easiest pastimes to pick up, and even better, it doesn’t cost much money. Like the wildlife park, it’s the perfect resource at your fingertips to teach your kids about aquatic ecosystems and different species of fish in an exciting way. Fishing requires patience (from the parent and child), but with practice, you and your child will be catching fish in no time, having accomplished something difficult while creating a life long memory simultaneously.

Do your kids like to swim? Do you have a boat? If you answered “yes” to both of those, then keep reading! On a balmy day, take your family out on the boat to an open spot in the lake. If your boat has a safe place to jump off the side and into the water, the kids will have a ball. Even if your boat has a ladder to get into the water, the kids can still have fun splashing around, floating on a noodle, or throwing a beach ball back and forth.

Maybe instead of a boat, your family has a canoe or kayak. These are both great for getting out on the lake to explore. Some canoes and kayaks hold two people, which would be helpful if your child is younger. Kids have a natural curiosity about seemingly everything. We’ve probably all experienced the “why” stage. Exploring the lake would be a fantastic way for your child to explore everything that surrounds the lake and ask questions.

A family-oriented and welcoming place, Lake Leon is a great place to take your kids for a relaxing day by or on the water, some adventurous exploring, or a picnic. Get creative with your activities or grab some friends to take to the lake. You won’t believe the fun you’ll have!