Custom Boat Dock Blog: Boat Lifts and Car Ports Edition

Custom boat dock blog

Are you a weekend warrior that can’t wait for Saturday to come so you can grab your keys and get out on the water? Hanging out on the water provides countless hours of fishing, boating, relaxing, and kicking back to enjoy the great weather. If you’re a regular boater, and happen to have a prized possession of your own, taking care of it is a top priority when you’re not out on the water. Boats can cost an arm and a leg to repair, so having a boat lift and a car port to protect your cruiser is essential. In this latest article for the custom boat dock blog, you’ll be sure to learn a bit more about protection for your boat: boat lifts and car ports edition.

During the chillier months, you probably aren’t as likely to get out on the water, hence the reason that boat lifts come in handy. They are a surefire solution to maintaining the boat’s cleanliness and keeping it dry. Not only does a boat lift safeguard the boat during the colder times of the year, but also when you need a practical solution to protect the boat when it’s not in use. Depending on the type and depth of water that your boat is kept in will determine the kind of boat lift in which you want to invest. You might be asking: why should I buy a boat lift?

  • Simply put, a boat lift provides protection. Just like your house keeps you safe, a boat lift will shield your cruiser. A boat lift will keep the boat dry as well as guard it from algae, wind, wake damage, and sea growth.
  • When investing in a boat lift, you are putting your money towards security for your boat. Whether you’re docking your boat for an hour or two years, a boat lift protects it nonetheless.
  • Instead of focusing on the maintenance and storage, you will be basking in the convenience of a boat lift. In as little as 3 minutes, you can launch or dock your boat, allowing extra time to spend out on the water. We ensure the highest level of quality so that you can be sure that your boat will be ready to launch at the snap of a finger.

Rather than pay the high price of a marina, you can invest in a car port of your own. A car port is the perfect way to store your boat. Not only does it protect your cruiser from damage caused by wildlife and the elements of nature, but also any harm inflicted by people. A car port provides shelter and a place where you can easily prepare your boat for a trip. Cleaning your prized possession and performing daily maintenance are ten times easier when your boat stays dry nearby.

Custom boat dock blog

You can customize your car port to the exact dimensions based on the size of your boat, pontoon, yacht, or other kind of watercraft. You can also choose the color, style of roof, anchors, and several other options. For extra protection, you can add side panels to the car port, especially if you live in a location that is prone to extreme weather conditions that can cause high winds and flying debris. If you’re wondering where to store any additional gear or water and boat supplies, you can choose to add a storage shed onto the back of the car port.

If you’ve recently purchased a boat or even if you’ve been a long-time boat owner, both a boat lift and car port can maintain the quality of your boat by protecting it. After spending a substantial amount of money on a watercraft, you will want to be sure to take care of it, and what better way than to invest in a boat lift or car port?