Boating Lakes Near Me: Abilene, Texas

boating lakes near me

Are you dreaming of the perfect boating day out on the water? If this day hasn’t already arrived, it will surely be here soon! Before you take your prized possession out for the day, give her a quick shower and a little shine, and she’ll be ready to go. Next step: make sure both you and your boat are registered through the state. If you’re planning on operating the boat, there are specific steps to take for that as well. Make sure you educate yourself on the laws and stipulations that are required by the state. Before you set out, you’ve probably searched online for “boating lakes near me,” along with nearby bays, or rivers where you can boat. The good news is that you have some options. Keep reading to learn a bit more about your potential destinations.

Lake Abilene

In Abilene State Park, you’ll find the comfortable, shady banks of Elm Creek. You won’t have to look far to see overarching, towering trees, deer, and scurrying critters. Located about 15 miles southwest of Abilene, you’ll find a historic, public swimming pool, trails, a lake and fishing pond, and camping areas in the state park. From spring break through November, you can rent a kayak or canoe through the park. It’s also possible to take your boat out on the lake. Be aware that the lake is no-wake, so your boat may not exceed idle speed.

Hords Creek Lake

An excellent place to camp and picnic, Hords Creek Lake also offers fishing facilities and boat launches. Though it is possible to boat, there are fees associated with boating. Known as a superb place to fish, this is a great place to take your boat if you’re interested in fishing off the boat, and shore fishermen are usually successful as well.

Kirby Lake Park

Kirby Lake Park is located on the east side of Kirby Lake and is open year round. Fortunately, no fee is required to boat here. The lake is equipped with two single-lane, paved boat ramps and a fishing pier. Even better, when you’re done fishing and boating, Kirby Lake Park has welcoming picnic areas to catch a quick lunch or share a snack while watching the sunset.

Lake Coleman

Though there are a total of 3 boat ramps at Lake Coleman, 2 of them are located on the south end of the FM 1274 bridge in Press Morris Park. The 2 main ramps are two-lane and lighted. From late spring through the end of summer, a marina and bait store are open. There are no boat rentals or handicap-access fishing. Improved camping facilities and nice picnicking areas can also be found here.

Fort Phantom Hill Lake

Located north of downtown Abilene, this lake has 4 boat ramps available when the lake is full. Two additional ramps can be accessed at Johnson Park when the water is low. The main ramp, the southeast ramp, and the Johnson Park ramp are all two-lane, and all of the ramps are concrete and have parking availability. Though a few bait stores are located in the area, there is no marina or fishing boat rental at the park.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about five lakes with boating access in the Abilene area, get out on the lake and put that beauty to use. Don’t waste another day waiting for the perfect weather; take the clouds and enjoy some much-needed time out on the boat!