Protect Your Boat and Dock with a Boat Lift

boat and dock

For certain high price-tag items that you own, like electronics, cars, boats, your house, it’s necessary to keep up their maintenance. It usually isn’t everyone’s favorite part of owning a more valuable item, but if you want that item to function for a while down the road, this has to be a priority. For an avid boater, you know that taking care of your prized possession is a must. Just like a car should have a garage to guard it from the weather and other damage, a boat needs a lift for protection as well. Not only is your boat guaranteed a fortification, but a boat lift is also an extra layer of defense for your dock. Dedication to both your boat and dock will secure a safe and steady future for both valuables.

Here is what we imagine the mission statement of a boat lift might be: To protect and guard a vessel and dock from weather and other types of damage and reduce the amount of detailed maintenance, while at the same time making it easier for owners to maneuver their boats in and out of the water. Many people don’t realize the value of a boat lift, but the truth is, if you’ve invested significant money into a custom dock for your (also pricey) water vessel, going without a lift is a big mistake.

While the vessel is not in use, the boat is hoisted by the lift above the waterline. This prevents corrosion, bacteria and other organism growth, and long periods of submersion in salt water. In addition, you don’t run the risk of having the boat banging into the sides of the dock because of choppy water or winds.

Believe it or not, boat lifts are quite easy to operate. Despite the variety in types of boat lifts, they all function in very similar fashions. To stay above the waterline, the vessel rests on bunk boards that are connected to a cradle. The cradle permits boat lift users to easily raise and lower the boat in and out of the water with a simple press of the button. The entire process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, but if the lift is completely raised without the boat on it, the lowering time will be significantly higher. The boat lift is used until the watercraft is freely resting in the water. Once you’ve completed your journey, pull the boat into the dock over the boards and elevate the cradle until the hull is above the water.

boat and dock

Due to the diversity in kinds of boat lifts, essentially any type of boat can be accommodated – from a small fishing boat to a catamaran. The  weather in the geographic location of your boat will determine the necessary configuration that you need to fit the environment. For example, if you dock your boat up north, the winters are going to be significantly cooler than the winters down south.

The boat lift installation process is typically completed with the use of pilings, which are just used to support a dock or pier. If pilings cannot be used, it’s possible to utilize elevator lifts which can be attached to the seawall.

Now that you know how boat lifts operate, it’s time to figure out what kind of lift you need. When considering what type of boat lift you’re planning to purchase, figuring out total weight is crucial. Don’t neglect all of the weight in the boat in addition to the base weight of the boat by itself. To be safe, round up rather than minimizing the amount of weight you may have. Remember: you’ll have gas, water, equipment, and anything else that you regularly bring out on the water.

Boat lifts are an essential part of owning a watercraft, and without one, you might end up underwater pretty quickly.

In the current age, you have countless options in finding the boat lift that is right for you. If you’re considering investing in a boat lift, don’t hesitate to contact Elite with any questions.